PRICES with sketch my event


I can Sketch your event for $450 AUD for the First 3 Hours at $150 per hourly rate which is the Cheapest Rate in Perth.

Extended Drawing time after the first 3hrs is Discounted to $100 AUD per hour

I can work non-stop for up to Six hours continuous Caricaturing your guests and estimate up to 25 -30 head caricatures or more in the first 3 hours.

Estimation is based on how many people are drawn in one sitting to be added on one A3 paper. Singles and couples are faster to do and more guests can get drawn up. Group drawings take longer as I have to work out how many can fit on one paper.



I am experienced wedding event caricature artist and seen many times sketching in Swan Valley wineries which include:

Sittella Winery, Caversham House, Stewarts at Brookleigh Estate, Mad Hater, Black Swan and more

Other locations seen at Freemantle Yacht Club, Freemantle Maritime museum,Mosman Park, Matilda Bay Restaurant, Myalup, Garvey Park, and many more locations.

Option One: $450 AUD for first 3 hours Sketch as many guests on A3 Paper in black & white and plastic sleeved for your guests to take home. Get a Discounted colour A3 wedding Caricature in colour of the Bride and groom for $125 AUD

Option two: $450 AUD for first 3 hours, I can sketch your wedding guests in caricature in a memorable sketch book and signed by guests for you to keep. Drawings can be scanned in by you and handed out to you're guests at later time. First page caricature of the bride & groom in caricature for $50 AUD



A4 Black & White Caricature Art $50 AUD

A4 Colour Caricature Art $80 AUD

A3 Black & White Caricature Art $100 AUD

A3 Colour Caricature Art $150 AUD

A2 Black & White Caricature Art $250 AUD

A2 Colour Caricature Art $350 AUD

Russian nesting Babushka dolls, Hand painted Caricature / Illustratrion Art $250 AUD

Graffiti Art Murals starting from $700 to $$$$$$


Price For Online Caricature Art